Tautech History

Tau Technologies Closed Corporation was established in 1993 with the purpose to provide an installation capability to the consulting engineering activities of its founders.

The company has since grown by producing original designs to complement standard commercial air-conditioning plant to form complete cooling solutions. The solutions are built around an air-conditioning and ventilation control and station alarms system predominantly used in the telecommunications industry. The designs are driven by a complete understanding of the fundamentals underlying customer needs and practical solutions to that, supported by sound engineering practice.

The product range is continually adapted as customer demands grow and opportunities present themselves. Specialist services such as steel plate work are outsourced while in-house development capability, assembly and testing facilities have grown to keep up with demand.

When Black Economic Empowerment was implemented the operations of the previous close corporation were incorporated into Tautech (Pty) Ltd. This private company, established in 2002 is operated and managed by its shareholders with active participation by HDI’s.


Tautech Products

Tautech operates in a specialised market segment where it provides equipment cooling solutions within a specific capacity range to the telecommunications community. Typical supply to customers will include commercial air-conditioning units with application specific modifications performed on it, mechanical protection cages for these, supplementary emergency ventilation equipment and class leading controls and alarms equipment associated with it. Tautech can offer installation of the total product range on request. Most customers prefer to use our products as building blocks for their turnkey supply to various networks.

LG Electronics, Samsung, DunhamBush and Gree air-conditioning units will generally be supplied from stock to form installation kits compete with peripheral products that are designed specifically around these. In cases where customers use alternative brands of air-conditioning products general application of the Tautech control and alarm elements remain feasible as have been implemented in the case of numerous networks. Product development is at present focused on optimising designs for least cost solutions as networks are coming under increasing pressure to build more sites with available capital expenditure resources.


Tautech - In Society

Tautech (Pty) Limited has embraced the South African Government’s empowerment initiatives and is a Black Economic Empowerment company by way of equity holding and management participation.

Employment equity and management control takes high priority at every opportunity in this regard is exploited.

Tautech has pledged its support to various socio economic developments where material support is at present the focus of involvement.


Tautech - The Future

To continue to produce class leading solutions to a rapidly developing market requires persistent development effort and vision. Active pursuit of these goals is and will remain central to the company's future ability to grow and remain profitable while contributing meaningfully to the market sector.

Existing customer needs and expectations have to be kept in sharp focus to ensure relevance of product and that Tautech remain technology partner of choice while developing these technologies to a larger customer base.

Building a stable and secure macro environment within which a healthy economy will be able to sustain itself will continue to require involvement outside the limits of core company activities.